Tuesday, 21 July 2015

'Sky River' clan association at Ann Siang Road

Nice red letter box belonging to the Thin Ho Association occupying one of the shophouses at Ann Siang Road. Members probably received mail from back home (maybe a place called "sky river" which is what "thin hor" means in Cantonese). These days, members probably read their mails on the phone. And oh yes, maybe read the newspaper too (as the letter box has provision for a rolled up newspaper to be slotted in). But I would imagine that in the old days, the radio or Rediffusion would be switched on, so that everyone could be regaled by the grand master of storytelling, Li Dai Soh. Or some Cantonese operas perhaps by Hung Sin Nui?  Or someone playing the er-hu?

Two more letter boxes (for different floors), and more nice tiles.

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