Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Niven Road

Beautifully restored shophouses at Niven Road. But nothing like the time-tampered wooden windows (left) to bring out the old charming quaintness. The road was named after Lawrence Niven, Superintendent of the Botanic Gardens from 1859 to 1875. He was a nutmeg planter!  Picture: 22 April 2014 (a really scorching hot day, but great for taking outdoor pictures with my Nokia handphone).

This shophouse is actually at Mackenzie Road, next to Rex Cinema. I was captivated by its old spiral staircase -- and those nice balustrades at the landing. Niven Road leads to Mackenzie Road which leads to Selegie Road. Mackenzie Road was named after Rev H I  MacKenzie. According to Singapore Street Names by Victor Savage and Brenda Yeoh, there was a fire station there which was later taken over by the Singapore Traction Company head office/garage --  now a car park.

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