Thursday, 3 April 2014

Old Tampines Road

This old row of shophouses, with tyres stacked along its front, lives up to the name of the coffee shop at the corner -- the Goodyear Restaurant, known for its Pontian-style bak kut teh. You can park at the side of the shophouses. Free. The coffee shop has been blogged about -- cheap and good.  Most of the other shops along the row seem to be fixing or selling tyres (not all Goodyear brand though) for trucks. Pictures taken in May 2013.

Old Tampines Road is not called "old" for nothing as it retains a lot of its characteristics which I remember from childhood.  Al the kampungs flanking the road, are gone of course.  Mum used this road to take us to Changi Village and to Pasir Ris.  Those days, these two futuristic-looking water tanks (?) were not there (of course).  And guess what, bus No. 72 (my childhood bus) now passes this way. Must take a ride in it some day. 

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