Sunday, 19 July 2015

Geylang Road

Saturday late afternoon. The jam is building up at Geylang Road. The five-foot ways of shophouses are packed with people hurrying to goodness knows where. Maybe to choose the best durians. The stallholders there are doing a roaring business, mao shan or no mao shan. The crowds are in such a hurry, you can't even pause to take pictures. And the most peaceful spot to take pictures would be up on an overhead bridge. Not many people use the bridge. They prefer to dash across the road, from what I observed. Pics: 18 July.

Some old shophouses (which must have been rather low lying as you can see the mark left behind at the gable on the left) were torn down. New buildings coming up. 

Geylang Lor 15. No quaint charm. Only clutter. 

Some renovation going on here. Also Lorong 15,

Spruced up, these tiles will be quaint and charming. 

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