Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kg Glam area

Aliwal  Street, named after a town in Punjab. Pic taken in April, 2013.  A little trivia -- most recent "happenings" seemed to be a fire which broke out in 2012 in the upper storey of one of the shophouses. Police busted a gambling den there, also in 2012. A backlane off Aliwal Street was known for its street barbers (now gone of course). There's quite a bit about the architecture of shophouses in this brochure by the URA.

Bali Lane  -- eclectic shopping and internet cafes. Pic taken in 2014.

Bali Lane. 2014

Belly dancer's abode? 2013.

Pahang Street.

Jalan Sultan. Tried the foot massage at one of the ground floor units of the row. After a long walk, the best thing was soaking your feet in a wooden bucket filled with hot water. But the massage was so so. Now, bus 980 (picture, right) looks like an interesting bus as its sign says "Sembawang via Rochore". Will give it a go one day soon.

S A T Alsogoff building at Pahang Street. Built, as the inscription at the roof says, in 1935 -by the same family who founded the nearby Alsagoff Islamic School. 

Pahang Street, April 2013, near Sultan Gate end. Many tombstone carvers operated there before, working on their granite blocks.

The back of Yummy Punjaby, No. 2, Pahang Street. Got to try and see whether really yummy.


Baghdad Street. March 2014.

Baghdad Street.  March 2014.

Arab Street. March 2014.

Nasi padang at North Bridge Road. Too late in the afternoon for me to try its nasi. Man sweeping up and "sou dong" already. Notice the "3rd storey" which seemed to be added separately? Wonder what it houses... and who added it....

North Bridge Road, March 2014. Tai Sing, according to their website, has grown in 1972 from a humble retail company to a regional business dealing with products from games and toys to health food. 

North Bridge Road. March 2014.

Sultan Gate, once known as the street of blacksmiths. Picture taken in April 2013. 

Sultan Gate. April 2013.

North Bridge Road. March 2014.

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