Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Selegie Road

Selegie Road named after a Malay word for a wooden spear hardened and sharpened by fire. The Sri Vijaya Vegetarian (left) is supposed to be rather famous though I have not tried the food there. Shall do so one fine day. Pic taken in 2013.

I guess I can't pass this off as a shophouse. This building, 100 Selegie Road, is now used by the International Institute of Tea Culture. It was once a upon a time, a landmark in this area, being the Tiger Balm Building. You can see a picture of how it looked like in its days of glory at  http://kaufmann-mercantile.com/tiger-balm/.  A 4th floor has been added to the building, and the tiger that was so majestic gracing its facade is gone.  The building now looks like a block of chocolate, but I guess, it's the colour of tea. Pic taken in Jan, 2015.

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