Sunday, 6 April 2014

Armenian Street

There used to be an interesting shortcut to Armenian Street from the old National Library, which led out to where The Substation is today. Pics: 5 April 2014.

Remember, it's $1 per half hour here :)

There used to be char kway teow stall somewhere near this corner, if I remember rightly. If you did not want to eat the wanton mee at National Library (I am talking about the old days of course), the char kway teow would be a "luxurious" alternative. Remember the reticent guy who fried the noodles (each lifting of the ladle accompanied by a rhythmic bounce of his body) at his huge wok? Patrons always joked about how much of his sweat actually went into seasoning the kway teow. These patrons remain faithful nevertheless.  

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