Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Good old buzz at Serangoon Road

Pictures taken 26 Jan 2016, a drizzly day.

Details on walls can be interesting. Here 
are a pair of racing horses decorating the 
wall of Haniffa Pte Ltd at 60, Serangoon Rd.
The company is more than 50 years old. Started
by one Mr O K Mohamed Haniffa at the shophouse
the business did more than OK. It grew and opened
 another branch at Dunlop Street. They have branches
in Malaysia and India.
Anyway, the Chinese always believe
 that horses are good fengshui!
For a dose of real "shophouse" buzz (if you are into that kind of buzz), nothing beats Serangoon Road.

You don't find any of the shophouses converted into some chi chi coffee houses, pubs or eateries. And some modern restaurants which started around the area with French food and etc, aren't all that pretentious. (Not sure whether the French Stall is still operating though, it was reported to be closing its doors in mid 2016 -- and I haven't tried its escargots!)

If you look at old pictures of Serangoon Road in National Library's PictureSG, you'll see that the shophouses now don't look too different from those in the 70s. The roads were just less crowded.

Which is great -- especially the wooden casement windows. 

Just a little trivial for you -- did you know that Joan Chen starred in a TV detective series called "Serangoon Road" -- set in the 60s? 

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