Monday, 29 June 2015

Upper Cross Street

Upper Cross Street, near the junction at South Bridge Road. Pics taken on a very hot Sunday, 28 June, 2015.

The road has a mix of budget hotels, coffee shops and restauants, including my favouite chicken noodle and dumplings. There are two of these shops called Chew Kee serving the chicken noodles -- one of them claims to be the original (but I am not sure which one). There is a dessert shop a few units away -- from bird nest soup to steamed milk pudding. Recently closed, my favourite shop for browsing -- it had tai chi swords, spears, shoes, etc and some pieces of antiques too. Spring  Court (spring rolls aka poh piah, Peking duck, etc) is also here. The restaurant which has a rich history, used to be at Great World Amusement Park at Kim Seng Road. The pigeon flying in the foreground is accidental, but adds to the charm :)

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