Sunday, 22 November 2015

East Coast Road

A haven for food lovers, but a nightmare for parking. This is what this area means to me -- usually. So the smart thing to do is to take a bus.  In my younger days, the Red House Bakery (now under restoration, to the left of the picture) was a really interesting place to me.  You could choose your bread or whatever morsel and then have them in peace somewhere in the bowels of this bakery which looked small on the outside but had courtyards once you entered. Established in 1925 it was closed in 2003, deemed unsafe.  A Jew started the bakery shop which was later taken over by a Hainanese seaman who apparently paid only $600 as "coffee money" to take over the bakery.  That was in the 1930s.  Information taken from Infopedia.


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